Frame Repair

A frame repair involves a unique material regeneration process and usually takes up to 14 days.

£30 for a repair(single break).

Frame Repair and restring cost £36, a quality multi filament string will be provided.
Second Break
£8 second break same racquet

Broken your racquet ? Annoying when you paid nearly £100 for it, dont throw it away !!

We can repair the racquet frame, if it is cracked or broken in two. Even if the handle and head have become separated in to two pieces.

All work is guaranteed.



Grommet strip £7.00.
String Eyes
Racquet string protectors that prolong string life, reduce friction and increase performance.

Easily installed on sweet-spot, or on entire string surface.

Enough for 3 racquets.
Telephone: 0845 09 555 09