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Mail Order

Telephone or send a contact message to me before you send your racquet. I shall inform you when I receive your racquet and also when I despatch the fixed racquet.

Racquet Repairs
C/O Asmat
38 Iain Road,
G61 4PB.

We offer a UK mail order service.

Send your racquet, packaged in Cardboard, or a Jiffy bag marked fragile, to the address on the right. Use minimal packing as this may add to the cost.

We do not recommend paying extra for insurance or recorded delivery. Statistics show a 99% reliability rate of postal mail on racquets.

You should be able to pack and send a racquet for £1.56 First Class in UK


Wrap the racquet in board cut from an old cardboard box, and tape together using parcel tape.. A crisp box from your local grocer is ideal.

Insert order note and cheque in an envelope and tape to the inside of the packing.


1) Cheque or PO, payable to 'Asmat'
2) Type of string required.
3) Tension required.
4) Your customer number, if you have one.

Telephone: 0845 09 555 09